Converse, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Photo of my new Chucks. I look at a photo of these sneakers daily, thanks CG, and I love the black pair. And they will go so well with my outfits next week while away on vacation. I’m only wearing two colors, can you guess which two?

Setting up this shot and taking the photos only took about a half hour. I made some minor edits in Lightroom and sharpened in Photoshop.

The black velvet is actually a pair of my daughter’s pants. I don’t have any muslin or backdrops yet, so I use what I have.

The white in the background is a sheet Unironed. Shhhhh. I stuffed the shoes with paper to keep the tongue up and the shoe that is leaning against the box, well, I chewed a piece of gum and bam! It’s nasty, but it worked.

Olympus E520


3 thoughts on “Converse

  1. Um, what the hell? I didn’t comment on this the day you posted it? Awesome. There’s really nothing left to say except I didn’t notice that was a sheet in back and I still can’t tell that it has not been ironed.

    • v says:

      not a worry. i’m tapping into my memory here and i’m almost certain this is what happened. you did respond. i emailed you the link to the photo because i was so happy to have my chucks that i could not risk you not seeing them. that’s my final answer. black really is the best color….followed by chocolate, navy, white

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