Imagine, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Visited my nephew this past weekend in Pittsburgh, PA. We went to a college football game (Can you believe I went to a football game. Outside.) On the way back to the car there were two homeless men sitting on the sidewalk – actually I’m not sure this guy was homeless, but he had a cup – so I stopped to chat with them and of course, take their picture.

In America, or anywhere for that matter, there is no reason for this. We all contribute to our situation, but when organizations have money to go into outer space to find out if there is life or water on the moon when we have problems right here, that bothers me.

After having just left a stadium dedicated to entertainment when people don’t have basic necessities is disturbing! I gave them each a dollar. Yeah it’s not much considering, but imagine if everyone leaving the stadium gave a needy person one dollar.

I’ll stop depressing you now.


2 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Yes, Patrick, but more important than people? I think it’s a matter of priorities. If people are in need of basic necessities, going to space doesn’t help. Sorry and thanks for commenting.

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