Poker Face

Poker Face, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I had girlfriend on the ropes. She’s only smiling because she thinks she won this hand, but doesn’t know I have a great poker face. She can’t read me, “I’m a blur, I’m a blur.”*

I watched her eat all her chips, then I dropped this straight flush on the table and sent her back to Muppetville, crying. And just for the record, she was drinking too. She pushed her drink out of the photo…talking ‘bout something written in her contract and no alcohol.

*Kung Fu Panda


2 thoughts on “Poker Face

  1. Cool Jaffer. Yes this is how I spend my weekend and maybe tonight. Oh cool, I will check out your blog right now. Thanks for leaving the link. This is all new to me and I love checking out other people’s photos.

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