I Heart Books

I Heart Books, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I do have a theme this week. It’s called Things I Love.

Originally I planned to shoot this photo in the library because I love the library and I love reading. Make sense to me, but not to the library.

I went to the library today, and before I set up shop, I said let me ask if it’s okay. One lady said have at it, but to double check with the someone in the back. She wasn’t sure, since it’s a public building, and would need to check with her boss, who would be in on Thursday. I said but my project is due today woman! Thursday I will be loving something else.

I checked out a book, Three Faces of Eve, and went to the park instead.

I felt silly taking pictures of myself until I put on my sunglasses. There, all better now, no one can see me.


6 thoughts on “I Heart Books

    • andrei, the lighting that afternoon was awesome. i don’t think it really shows in this photo. in the summer, at that time, the shadows would have been harsh. yesterday, an indian summer day, the area was slowly being kissed by the sun.

  1. I’m surprised that library would have any issue with it for one reason. It’s public. Public property baby. It’s not like they rare documents that are sealed under glass. Do they? Our’s doesn’t, I don’t think.

    Anyway, I do feel like a massive Ninja Warrior behind sunglasses. So I’d have to wear my sunglasses while talking to the folks at the library about taking pictures of myself.

    I love seeing these shots of you, so fun!

    • Yeah, I don’t get it either cg. public place? what the problem is? yeah those sunglasses helped a lot and not just because i was facing the sun.

      and i can’t believe i’m posting photos of me. this is huge, i tell ya. there are no photos of me, i hate pictures of me, but i think next year when i’m done it will be fun to look back to see what i was doing.

  2. You look very relaxed outside with your book. And too cool with your shades. What book are you holding?

    I would have totally taken pictures in the library WITHOUT ASKING. I’m a rebel like that.

    I’m glad CG reminded me of this other site of yours. I stumbled on it once before and promptly lost the link. I’m subscribing!

    • hey kathy, thanks for stopping by. i love going to the park to read and the weather yesterday was beautiful.

      three faces of eve, about a woman who has three personalities in one body. recommended by a co-worker and i’m not mad at her. the book, written by doctors, is a little to thick for my brain though, but i’m still going to read it.

      i can be bold when it comes to some things, but i said i better ask. i had my tripod with me and having them ask me to pack it up and get the heck out is like being escorted from one’s job by security.

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