We Love Music!

We Love Music!, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

Next up in the Things We Love series is music! Yes, we love music.

Okay we know this photo doesn’t show a lot of musical stuff going on, but this is the music center in the house. The stereo is to the left.

We love jazz and R&B, but will listen to anything with a catchy beat.

We also love to sing and dance, but will not do these things in front of other people. One of us is shy.

Music is a great mood lifter and it also relaxes us, without it, we wouldn’t survive long.

Side: the lighting on this photo needs work, but we were racing against the clock this morning with the late sunrise, changing clothes and having to leave the house. We try not to use flash, but natural lighting, for our portraits. We will revisit this Photoshop effect a little later on.

how i did it.
3 photos stacked on top of one another, erase the background. change clothes if you want. that simple. well almost. will need a tripod and control over your lighting.

6 thoughts on “We Love Music!

  1. Man that is cool! I always wanted to be a twin, seriously. This would be a fun thing to do just to nurse my life-long wish of splitting in the womb.

    I like the matching shirt/belt/shoes combo on Valerie Prime; that’s tight. And I love the stereo on the left!

    And you took these photos in the morning, before work?! Wow.

  2. eeeek, i don’t know if i would want to be a twin. it might be cool and freaky at the same time. i don’t want to see another me actually. i would totally get on my nerves.

    thanks girlfriend!

    yeah i have to stop that because i don’t know when to stop.

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