I Heart Cleaning

I Heart Cleaning, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Lame I know, but it’s true.

I love to clean or should I say I enjoy it or I don’t mind it. The weekend is usually spent cleaning what I did not clean during the week.

I clean in workout clothes while listening to music and I’m good to go for hours. I am unable to leave the house when I get in clean mode. I feel guilty when I neglect peeps because I want to clean.

I don’t do baseboards or windows, but I better go clean some blinds. This place is a dump right now.

My OCD pipe dream is for every room to be organized at the same time (all books in height order, can goods facing front, cupboard tight, clothes hung in the closet by type, linen closet stacked and clothes in the drawer folded properly.)

I enjoy looking at photos of things neatly stacked, folded or an uncluttered room. I could go on, but it gets worse.


5 thoughts on “I Heart Cleaning

    • um, when people say they don’t enjoy something i *think* they should, then they are not doing it right. i can’t function in a mess, i can’t stand to look at it. would i clean that house? yep! but you would have to let me throw stuff out. i know this one is out there.

      cleaning is fun, you just have to uh, dress up and do it.

      and that all purpose cleaner from wal-mart will wipe the smile off a clown. i have other people using it. i had three bottles, better go stock up, i’m down to 2.

      make me some nipple cupcakes and you got a maid. k?

  1. OMG. You have no idea. I would totally make you nipple cupcakes for a year if you would clean my house and derive joy from it. I have no problem with you throwing things out. In fact, I’m pretty militant about that myself. You would find very little clutter here. What you would find, though, is too many books and not enough bookcases. I would love someone to come over and make me get that organized. Now. I’m guessing you live no where near me and this is all for naught. {insert sad face here}

    • it doesn’t read like you have enough clutter to turn me on, kathy, but the books now. hmmm. i don’t know, when i see clutter it’s like looking at the sun – i have to turn away. i let things go here, but not for too long.

      when you get some bookcases for your books, don’t forget to send me a picture. 😉

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