I Love Mysteries

I Love Mysteries, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I love mysteries and trying to figure out who did it. This cold scene is from the board game, Clue. Can you guess which Clue character knocked me off, with what and where? I left a few clues in the photo.


4 thoughts on “I Love Mysteries

  1. I totally got sidetracked on the Chucks. Love it!

    Mrs. White, in the Conservatory with the spanner/wrench. It was Mrs. White, the maid, because she tried to throw us off her path by leaving the couch messy. Who would think the maid would leave the Conservatory a mess?

    Detective Cardiogirl. That’s who!

  2. oh so sorry cg, that answer is incorrect. it’s not the maid because i am the maid. now let’s think, which one of the characters would i open the door for? hint: i would love to pick their brain.


    you’re the one that has me rubbing up against converses. to be so flat on the bottom they are comfortable and lightweight. ack, i have my eye on a brown pair. i love everything brown.

  3. Hmm, so it’s Professor Plum but it has to have been the wrench and Conservatory, right?

    Please, please get the brown pair! You must have them for Christmas. What size are you, by the way?

    • yes, professor plum. he offered to bring by a book he thought i would want to read, it’s on the table, so i let him in. considering i only remove my glasses voluntarily, i will die with them on and i’m still wearing mine. the glasses on the table (on top of the book) do not belong to me. and i think i need to stop taking photos of myself. LOL.

      no conservatory here, not even a fake one, just a plain living room.

      size 11, normally. depends on the maker, but i start at 11 just to be on the safe side. spoken from a woman who is not down with hammer toes. can’t touch this.

      converse: men size 8, women 10

      i will probably end up getting the brown pair. i can’t stop looking at them.

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