Back to Work Monday

Back to Work Monday, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


On July 20 and every Monday thereafter, (up until November 16th) I served as a juror on a grand jury.

Today was my first Monday back in the office. Some said it was good to have me back on Mondays and others…well, the jury is still out.

The owner of this office called me goofy, I think she gets a plethora of botox injections and couldn’t get her mouth to say entertaining.

About this photo: This is totally not my office because:

1. I don’t have an office, but a cubicle.
2. It’s messy.

I told my coworker that she did not have to clean up the place for me and she said she hadn’t planned on it.

At least, she said, it looks like she has work going on, unlike my desk that looks abandoned. Hater!

I’m just day dreaming here. Slouching. Wondering why my back hurts.


6 thoughts on “Back to Work Monday

  1. OMG…Valerie!!

    I’m LOVIN’ this blog of yours! And the photos of you are freakin’ faaabulous!

    I’m so glad I found it on JD’s blog!

    I put your blog on my reader, so I’ll be sure to catch your every post. So looking forward to it!

    You GO, girl!

    Hope your day back at work was super!

    P.S. And is that a photo of Frank Sinatra on the wall behind you in this photo? It sure looks like him.

  2. OMG. You dress so impeccably for the office. Whereas, I am a slob. Granted, my job as a computing consultant often has me crawling around on the floor and that’s why I switched from suits to jeans. But even when I dressed better, I didn’t look as good as you do.

    This grand jury thing is interesting. Why only Mondays and why for so long? Why didn’t they make you go every day for a shorter period of time? I bet you hated Mondays more than normal.

    • well i have my days when i walk in looking like urkle with my high waters and argyle socks. some days i look tore up from the floor up. i’d prefer to wear the one pair of jeans i have, everyday, and just change my shirt, but the job won’t allow it.

      jury duty was not bad at all, why for so long? i don’t know, that was our commission. i’m just glad it wasn’t everyday for so long. i’d die. jury duty did not last as long as work on monday. when we were done, they let us go.

  3. I’m glad to hear the jury duty was bearable. I’m not sure if you knew i was called for duty, but didn’t have to serve because they dropped the case at the 11th hour. Whew!

    The Slob,

    • yep i remember you were called for JD. we didn’t have just one case, but many cases heard during the day.

      and you’re not a slob. i’d love to wear jeans and crawl around on the floor. hanging out underneath a desk would be great. i could pretend i’m fixing things and go to sleep.

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