I Was Sworn In, sort of…


I renewed my notary commission today. Below are the functions of a notary, I stole this stuff off the web:

Notaries traditionally record matters of judicial importance as well as private transactions or events where an officially authenticated record or a document drawn up with professional skill or knowledge was required.

Documents certified by notaries are sealed with the notary’s seal or stamp and are recorded by the notary in a register (also called a “protocol”) maintained and permanently kept by him or her.

Notaries must also be sworn in by the clerk of the county in which he or she resides.

Here’s what really happened and click here for a photo of how ignored I felt.

The woman at the desk talked on the phone the entire time I was there. I made things easy for her by having my documents and money ready so she didn’t have to ask, I like being prepared, but at least say hello.

The only time she put her call on hold and actually spoke to me is when she told me read my OWN oath. She slid a piece of paper underneath a glass window and said to read this (oath) out loud or to myself. I read it to myself.

I signed additional documents and that was it. I hate when I think something is going to be more than it is and I’m left with a “that’s it, that’s all you got” feeling.

(the paper i’m holding is my proof of commission).


7 thoughts on “I Was Sworn In, sort of…

  1. Man I couldn’t comment at the other photo, but here’s what I wanted to write. Love that composition and the next one in that series must have the pissed off eyebrows, the ones that go down toward the nose and up at angle toward the temples.

    Hands on hips might work with that, too. Congrats on the renewal!

  2. Bwhahahahahaha!

    OMG, Val…I died laughing when I saw your photo on Picasa!!!

    You’re a RIOT!

    I can’t believe you had to read your OWN oath!?

    Congratulations on your renewal!


  3. dalkoyo says:

    Hi Valeri!

    Oh, I see the problem…No way to verify the photo on your ID and how you appeared…LOL

    Our original application and renewal in Colorado are not as formal. We do it online.

    Dave (dalkoyo)

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