I Play With Blocks

I Play With Blocks, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Now you know when the OCD me dumped these blocks out, I started to build something and organize them by color.

Then I thought, throw caution to the wind girl and look at my mess.

I have a lunch date today and a busy evening and won’t be able to play with my cameras much, so I thought I’d get an early jump this morning.

Yes, I play with blocks. These blocks were actually bought for a future art project.


6 thoughts on “I Play With Blocks

  1. Hey, my kid jacked up my old WordPress account and now I have to log in since she was logged in and I’m not sure if my avatar is going to show up with my correct address. GRRR!

    Anyhoo. Do you know how hard it is for me to make a quilt with “random” placement of the squares? So incredibly difficult. It’s just like your blocks.

    I am so glad to hear that you had a hard time letting them go wild.

    • well i know where to find ya sister. lemme see if i can change that link for ya! i might be able to do a random quilt, but even with a random quilt, there is still some order. my kid is making one and i told her which patches should go where. guess maybe i can’t do it, but i think i can.

  2. COLORFUL! I love color. Yes, that’s the extent of my art/photo appreciation vocabulary. If it’s colorful, I respond automatically. But regardless, I love this photo. With the black background, it looks like the blocks could come to life at any second — kind of like a Gumby cartoon.

    Very cool.

    • colorful. the extent of my vocabulary. gumby is colorful. well actually he’s just green right, but he does look like he’s about to pop out or off of something.

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