Torch, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


When I left the house this morning, I purposely left my cameras at home. However, I feel so naked without them and went back in the house and grabbed my kid’s camera.

Later, I stopped by my mechanic’s shop and when I saw him using this “fire thingy”, I just had to get a photo. I asked if he was going to use the torch again and he said no, but later called me into the garage and let me take a few photos. Now, I want to go back.


2 thoughts on “Torch

  1. Get out of here. You took this picture with your kid’s camera? She must have a hell of a camera.

    Alright, there’s a lot of operator skill required, but I’m one of those people who wants the technology to do it for me. Ergo, a good camera equals a good picture.

    Totally untrue, but that’s how I wish technology worked.

    I do love those sparks. Very cool! The one on his pant leg looks like a special embellishment although I know it’s not. But my kids would love a pair of jeans that sparkled like that.

    • it was mine, but when i upgraded i gave it to her. she broke the lens protector. WTF!

      the sparks were so much fun to watch, bouncing all over the floor. i want to go back and get some close-ups.

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