Abandoned by the lake

Abandoned by the lake, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Passed by an abandoned house as I was driving through South Mountain Reservation yesterday.  I’m attracted to everything old and thought it would make a good shot today.

The clouds were beautiful and the sun was peeking in and out from behind them, but not much while I was shooting in the cold.  The sun stayed out AFTER I left.

I think that’s a sign that I need to learn to dress warmer if I’m going to photograph outside.  I will leave a pair of boots in the car, I stepped in enough mud today as well.


4 thoughts on “Abandoned by the lake

  1. Look at me! All I have to do is logout and come back. And then I’m Cardiogirl again!

    Isn’t it funny how appealing old stuff is in photos. But if I had to *live* in that house it would not be appealing and I’d be slapping white paint on the exterior as soon as I signed the papers.

    This is an incredible shot, well done!

    • cool. see me smiling, cardiogirl?

      yes old stuff is great for photos, but i too would have to clean it up to live in it. this shot is just so-so. i could have dressed it up, but i like to show [some] photos as they actually look. there’s nothing cool about this area during this time of the year, kinda looks scary.

      and thanks.

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