I Wear A Beret so you don’t have to


Sorry, JD. I’ve wanted to use ‘so you don’t have to’ forever. Sort of like when I appear on Jeopardy, I want to say let’s make it a true daily double, Alex.

I was on my way out this afternoon to take my photo for the day, but I snapped a few photos (339) of me before I left because there’s something new going on here.

I DO NOT WEAR HATS. On the weekend when I don’t comb my hair, I throw on a baseball cap, men’s clothing and my converse. And people do call me sir.

I don’t wear hats because I have a small head, I look silly and I hate hat hair. People are forever asking me where my hat is and I respond with: I don’t have one.

Last week I went into K-mart and saw a fedora and this beret at 40% off and threw them in my cart. I will not be keeping up appearances this winter and will just wear the darn hats.

I’m feeling kind of French today. Oui Oui!

What I do in between taking photos. Click here.

darn typos!

8 thoughts on “I Wear A Beret so you don’t have to

  1. SUED!

    Hey, you were warned.

    Seriously, that is a cool photo. I opened your post on my desktop computer, and the angle made the photo look darker, so you looked like a disembodied head. Well, with legs. What I’m saying is, your sweater blended into the background. Oh, shut up, JD.

    I do love berets. On other people. I look like an idiot in any kind of hat. Thanks for wearing it so I don’t have to.

    But I’m still suing.

    • i was afraid of this, i’m sorry, but it’s just too good of a line not to use. i’ll send you hush money, okay?

      well i do have a disembodied head with legs. one of my talents when i need to get rid of my middle. 😉

      i can’t wear hats either, but i’m not going to care how i look and wear a hat. it’s nice to throw on and not have to comb my hair.

    • thanks lana, it is what it is now. nobody really cares, ‘cept me. i doubt other people are stressing about how they look in their hat and are just going about their business. as i will now be.

  2. You, my friend, have captured jaunty. I love that! Your beret suits you well and I love the glimpse of the back of your low top there under the chair. See that? It’s awesome.

    And jaunty.

    • jaunty, eh? uh alright. one day i will wake up, look at the photos of me and scream! i will admit, it did keep my head warm this weekend and yesterday when it rained, i didn’t have to worry about my mop.

      yes, i see the back of my low top, but didn’t until later. that’ll be my secret code to say hello to you from now on.

      so just remember when i’m on jeopardy and during the interview portion of the show AND i put my leg behind my head AND i have on my chucks, i’m talking to you and you alone sister!

      sorta like the secret signal the catcher gives the pitcher in baseball.

      my dyslexia is running amuck!

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