Here’s looking at you, kid


Since starting this project, the kid has been asking to be the feature of the day.

Well considering it’s Sunday, I changed back into my pajamas, I’m too lazy to create or find a shot and it’s raining outside, I thought she would make the perfect subject for today.

“How Conveeeenient.” (Remember Dana Carvey as The Church Lady on SNL?)

Seriously, I think she’s cute, not just convenient.

This shot is SOOC (straight out of camera) as I was testing the lighting and camera settings.

I like it because there’s no flash, it’s slightly out of focus, it’s grainy and her eyes (compliments of dad) are just beautiful and really grab my attention. It almost looks like a painting.

I‘m not a fan of portraits, but I may consider taking a few more of willing (cough) subjects.

More photos of the kid.


8 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you, kid

  1. She’s beautiful. She’s got such big, almond-shaped eyes. I always wished my eyes were larger and not so slitty. Love the butterfly barrettes too. Like they’re fluttering all around her head. I see you let her wear your beret, too. Wow, you really let her go nuts, didn’t you?

    • thanks kathy. i do love her eyes so much. i rudely stare at times.

      actually that’s her beret, it came with her winter coat and it’s almost getting too small, but she was able to wear it today.

  2. She is a beautiful girl, naturally — look at her mother. I’m impressed that she wanted to have her photo taken. I absolutely cannot stand having my photo taken, but my kids are into having theirs taken. Maybe it’s their lack of (self-imposed) inhibitions and more open world view.

    Regardless, your daughter is a great subject and worthy of her own tag over there.

    • her mother mr.? child looks nothing like me and thank the lord for that! she always wants her photo taken and will jump in front of the camera at the wrong time, all the time.

      yeah i don’t like photos of me either, so believe me when i say, posting these are not easy, but i tend to blur my vision when i have to look at them. that helps a lot. hmmm, she isn’t tagged, now is she?

    • thanks jd. i think of paint strokes when i look at her eyes. i’ll take more, but i doubt i will post them here. nobody wants to look at other people’s kids. heheheh. too much anyway.

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