I was the life of the party

Holy Cross Cemetery, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I visited a cemetery today with a friend. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to photograph, but some times images are only in my mind. I snapped this shot instead.

I thought today was going to be sunny, it was rather gray, but the sun did peek out from behind the clouds for a little while.

This is Holy Cross Cemetery in N. Arlington, NJ. If you’re ever in town and are looking for a place to kick it, they have plenty of room.

I really don’t do death, it puts a damper on my life plans, but stuff happens. This is my 2nd and probably last time to a cemetery, that I will know about anyway.


8 thoughts on “I was the life of the party

    • thanks kayla. it is A LOT of work and sometimes it consumes me and i let it. i mean it’s easy to snap just any old picture, but i like to put thought into what i photograph. there’s always a meaning or story behind each photo. i’m connected to it somehow.

      i’ve also photographed stuff i never would have thought about had it not been for this project. it’s challenging, but worth the rewards. oh it’s fun too.

  1. kwbridge says:

    I don’t mind cemetaries – but maybe it’s because I grew up in a really rural area and it was a place we could hang out. Really. There was also a super old long forgotten one near my house with about 15 graves – I wish I had photos of that.

    • really? i do mind cemeteries and never thought i would go to one to take pictures. i will never hang out in one, not even if i happen to die.

      i was looking for a design/pattern/organization with the tombstones, but that place didn’t quite do it for me as they were not tight/straight enough.

  2. This is a really wild shot what with the sun popping right through those dark clouds. It’s almost like you’d have to photoshop that to get both things there.

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of traipsing about cemeteries, it’s just too freaky to me. But it’s good to know there’s room for me over there in Jersey.

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