A Book A Week?

A Book A Week?, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Yesterday, I saw a tweet from a follower about someone who read a book a week for one year. I thought for me that would be impossible, but actually, it’s not. I won’t make that a personal goal, this project is enough, but I am going to spend more time this year reading. Today, I spent a few hours on the couch reading and nursing a burned finger.

Kim W, yes I’m jealous of your book list. What a great idea!


8 thoughts on “A Book A Week?

  1. kwbridge says:

    In 2009 I only read 39 books – not a book a week. But I did read a couple of really long ones. I’ve found through keeping track over the years that it’s usually between 35-70/yr. Maybe we should set up a reading support group or something on goodreads 😉

    • I’m just jealous that you have a list of books that you’ve read. That’s so awesome. I um, like the uh, organization part of it. Start to finish dates? I want to see it. Send me a photo. Our secret.

      I thought about going back and making a list of every book I have ever read, but I said “don’t be ridiculous” (remeber balki from perfect strangers, no?)

      Then I thought I could start a list for 2010, but I would feel weird about leaving the books out that I know I’ve read in the past.

      Final answer: I better leave it alone and not do it, I have enough obsessive habits to keep me busy.

      39 books, that’s not bad and a more realistic goal for me. I could keep a simple list, like tallies on the wall, you know like they do in jail.

    • well i probably don’t have time for it, but i’m making time to sit and read instead of worrying if the house is clean. hehehhe. i’m going to go read some more with a cup of coffee.

      i love that word, voracious. so yummy.

  2. OMG…this is imbarrassing, but I can’t even remember the last time I read a book.

    God, I wonder if I can still read? – HA!

    Beautiful shot, Val!

    It’s so peaceful!


    • i certainly don’t read now as much as i used to then (when life was not so busy, complicated and a mess!) i miss that, so i’m going to put forth more of an effort. will see what happens. i’m on book 2 this year, but who’s counting.

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