Driving, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I’ve been trying, for a while, to get a shot of me in the car with streaks of light in the background.

In my mind, it was a cool shot. In reality, this is what is and I give up, happily.

This is another song inspired photo by my favorite British duo, Everything But The Girl.

Taken this morning on my way to work, I’m not smiling, that’s gas.


8 thoughts on “Driving

  1. Hey Val!

    I think this shot turned out FAAABULOUS!

    LOVE the streaks of light in the background – too COOL!

    And hey, I knew I LIKED you.

    “Everything But The Girl” is one of my favorite groups.

    I honestly have never heard anyone else mention them besides me.

    Aren’t they GREAT?

    • ron, i had to fake the funk with streaks. sorry. I LOVE EBTG. i have all their cd’s. saw them perform in ny a long time ago. yes they are fab! i also love the acoustic version of driving.

    • i guess you would scream bloody murder when i steer the wheel with my knees then. you freaking out would probably make me have an accident…not handling the camera. i do keep my camera around my neck while driving (or in the passenger seat, or the back seat) and try to get most of my shots while i’m at the light.

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