Visions of A Sunset

Visions of A Sunset, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I’m forever staring out the window at work. And for a good reason, the view is beautiful. I also love the cloud formations in the morning. I walk in the building with my head in the clouds.

Visions of a Sunset video

I love this song and a self-directed video plays in my head constantly. I would love to hear an orchestra play the music to this song. It would be tight, I would cry.

6 thoughts on “Visions of A Sunset

    • no, it’s a cub and until it’s old enough to kill for itself, it has to be fed with a bottle. awh come on, you don’t think that’s cute and normal. i would love to feed a cub with a bottle. how cute!

      uh hi cg.

  1. Oh, Val…Val…Val…

    This shot is amazing!

    And can I just tell ya how much I’m LOVIN’ this blog of yours???

    You’ve got such a gift with the camera!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great timing with this shot. The sun right on the horizon but still light enough to see the ground cover. Sunset shots are so peaceful and thought provoking. We love to see more. I’ll check back later.

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