On the Edge

On the Edge, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Always in a pickle. Always in a jam and living life on the edge.

Now that I think I know how to do this photoshop trick properly, I will have to try it again. Not bad for a first attempt.

Photo of Jar and Me


13 thoughts on “On the Edge

    • Thanks. I really didn’t think of that and I thought I always had my antenna on for making a dollar out of 15 cents. I will have to redo this photo, now that I *think* I know what to do.

    • the hardest part was getting my big butt through the opening of the jar. and darn, i forgot to poke holes in the top. no wonder i look so pale. you have a good one too sister!

    • uh actually, i might be able to. i just whacked something against the counter yesterday morning.

      oh and you have to write something funny like i popped out of a pillsbury biscuit (yes it has to be biscuit) tube so you don’t have to. hahahahah.

  1. Ugh. Just looking at that picture is seriously making my anxiety kick up. I’m not kidding, I can feel it in my chest. Anxiety by association, that’s a new one for me. Please add a bottle of Ativan to that photo. Please?

    • how do you think i feel? i’m in a jar with no holes or food. there, there, cg. i should have taken an unbalanced photo of me on one leg like i’m about to tip over. that would have been a better photo. okay don’t look at it, i don’t have any ativan.

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