Shattered By Broken Dreams


Several weeks ago, when I saw this backboard against the brown barn, I knew I wanted to photograph it. We, however, were moving too fast in the car and I made a mental note to go back. And that’s what I did.


6 thoughts on “Shattered By Broken Dreams

  1. I know I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again.

    I absolutely love photos like this and yet, if I had to live there, I couldn’t take the disarray. I’d have to paint immediately and get a new back board. I’d also want the handyman to replace the boards with the holes (above the door there.)

    Yes, I’d work overtime to be able to afford a handyman to do the job right. I would do the painting but he’d have to do the replacing.

    • laughs out loud. too bad i didn’t have a washed up, former nba player to stand on the left side of the backboard looking up or either at the camera. jayson williams is from new jersey, but he’s in the hospital and is going to jail. too bad. too bad.

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