Under the Overpass

Under the Overpass, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


This is the overpass I drive under every evening. I take the same route to work and back.

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to driving and because if I don’t stay on course, I’ll get lost.

Yesterday I noticed how nicely lit it is under the overpass and decided to photograph it on my way home today.


I photographed until I could no longer feel my fingers. I was able to get a few light trails, but only one shown here.


6 thoughts on “Under the Overpass

    • thanks ron. it was nice to have people in the photo, it sometimes adds to..but the train let out in the middle of me shooting and i had to keep moving out of the way. some people crossed in front of my shot.

      i’m okay with this shot. i thought about going back with my gloves on, but this is good enough. and the blue sky would have been totally gone.

  1. I second Ron’s comment — I just love those types of photos that show the long streaks of light. Did you use a tripod? It seems like you’d have to have the shutter open for a while and any movement on your part would blur thing more.

    Unless you shiver side-to-side which might enhance the streets. I tend to shiver vertically and that would jack up the picture. If I didn’t have a tripod.

    Oh! Can you open the shutter on a digital camera? I think mine has a setting to keep it open longer. But I think you use an actual SLR camera, right?

    Look how technical I am this morning. Sweep the Leg!

    • yes ma’am, i used a tripod. and yes you can leave the shutter open on a digital, if your camera allows it, most SLRs do. i didn’t use my SLR (still haven’t figured out the bulb setting on that one – that’s leaving it open until you say stop), but my compact digital. even though i can leave the shutter open, i opted for a slightly longer exposure.

      and yes you have impressed me this morning!! as i was reading your comment, i jerked back from the monitor, like wth and look at you!!! go cg. and you didn’t even sound like you were reading from one of those scripts like telemarketers do.

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