Hanging With Chuck

Hanging With Chuck, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I’ll never understand why people hang baby sneakers from their mirror. Maybe it’s their child’s first pair, but I thought those were supposed to be bronzed, not hung.

It looks silly to me, but I’m going to give it a try today and drive around with sneakers hanging from my mirror.

And if anybody asks whose baby shoes are these, I’ll simply answer, “Shaq’s.”

I will count the weird looks on my way to work.


14 thoughts on “Hanging With Chuck

    • hehehe and thanks. actually, and i’m going to stop confessing, these shoes recently came out of the wash and are cleaner than they look. i dirtied them up a bit, just to give them a “been there, done that” look. these tell a story.

  1. And I MUST chime in with the others….

    And if anybody asks whose baby shoes are these, I’ll simply answer, “Shaq’s.

    Hysterical, Val!

    Nice shot!

    • thanks. checked out your blog. awesome pictures, especially the real estate blog. enjoyed looking at everything so neatly in place and the orderliness? shudders! yeah. very nice.

  2. Fabulous idea! What I’d wondered about was the sneakers I always see hanging from the telephone lines. Right of passage in high school? I honestly can’t remember.

    Gorgeous shot, though! How many strange looks/requests did you get that day?

    • i don’t have a clue about the sneakers hanging from the telephone line. i’m going to have to research it, i have seen that, but not lately.

      oh not one strange look. not one.

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