Row Your Boat

Row Your Boat, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Had lunch with RR yesterday and we passed this area on the way to lunch. I decided to go back today because it’s one of the few places not too far from where I work that I have not photographed to death.

However, somewhere between getting out of my car and walking to my desk, I caught a mood. Lord knows I didn’t wake up that way, so I’m assuming I inhaled some bad air in the parking lot.

I was in such a bad mood that I killed a bug for no reason and felt really bad when I blew its lifeless body off the copier machine. I wasn’t in the mood for photographing, but I made the trip anyway.

I’m standing on a bridge, maybe 3.5 feet from traffic, with my tripod as cars whizzed by. The only time I paid attention to the cars behind me was when a truck drove by and shook the bridge. Otherwise, there was nothing interesting to see, except this row boat tied to a tree.


12 thoughts on “Row Your Boat

  1. I love the contrast in colors. For some reason that robin’s egg blue means Jamaica to me. Don’t know why, it could be the countless Kenny Chesney videos made down there on the beach. Anyway, that’s a really nice juxtaposition of winter and summer (in my mind).

    Really amazed that you set up a TRIPOD ON A BRIDGE WITH TRAFFIC WHIZZING BY! Wow.

    • thanks cg. “robin’s egg blue,” eh? you are so right. how about i take the pictures and you write the description. our photobook collaboration is sure to be a hit with oprah’s book club. i’ll have my people call your people.

  2. Great shot. Lovely colors & textures!
    I remember once catching a mood. It seemed so strange at the time. Everything was sweetness & light all day, then suddenly I was just angry & snappish. I realized (in MY case, mind you,) that it was definitely hormonal. I had to stop & check myself, but I’m glad I did. I didn’t want to go off on my husband or his son when it was just my biology being a b!tch. <:\

    • thanks lana. geeze, i hate being moody, but i am. for the most part, i’m always in a pretty good mood then one day, crankella will punch me in the face and tell me to look down. if that makes any sense.

  3. Exactly as Cardiogirl shared….I LOVE the contrast in colors….WOW!

    The boat just POPS!

    Brrrrrr…I can actually feel the icy water.

    It amazes me you still have snow on the ground there. Nada here.

    • hey ron, i’ll be popping back over to you tomorrow. actually it was warm on friday, somewhere around 39 degrees. whoo hoo. yes there’s still snow, but not in the valley. i’m up in the mountains where it’s colder.

  4. Hi Valerie! Have been introduced to you through Ron at Vent! What a photo! It has such a lovely Native American feel to it! The feeling is so serene and the boat so regal in its simplicity and color. Thoroughly enjoyed the backstory! You did this from a bridge with traffic whizzing by?! Now that’s talent and tenacity!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Valerie! Petra :))

    • thanks mel. i like how this one turned out as well. i had to shoot low (a foot from the ground) and in between beams to get this angle. otherwise, i would have been looking way down on my subject. would. not. have. worked. mind you, i’m still on the bridge. one day i will be on my belly. hahhahahaha.

  5. Hi Valerie…

    I’m popping over for the first time after reading Ron’s post about you on his blog!! You photos are STUNNING! I’m so glad to have discovered your blog.. I also LOVE photography, and do it for fun!

    All my best, Leesa : )

    P.S. I LOVEEEE this photo.. the contrast but also the texture!

    • greetings leesa! thanks for stopping by. i would love to see some of your photographs. yes, it can be fun other times frustrating, but it’s so great to look back and actually have a memory of being.

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