Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


One of my favorite ways to relax at the end of the day is by taking a bubble bath. Sometimes I read or just listen to music. I’m pooped, good night!


7 thoughts on “Bubble Bath

  1. Ok, first I have to tell you…you’re gonna die when you read my post tomorrow!

    OMG, you and I are on the SAME wave-length…no kidding!!!

    Second, this shot is SOOOO freakin’ clever, Val! Only YOU!

    Love it!

    • okay, okay i’m ready to die, wait. ron, if i wake up dead tomorrow, i’m going to kill you!!! 🙂 i’m just kidding FBI, CSI and ER people, can’t take a joke?

      yes, i jumped on your wave length, you didn’t feel the earth move. darn i’m sliding in there on tip toe. i float like a butterfly! okay i’m done talking to myself.

      hey ron, i can’t wait to read your post tomorrow.

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