Water Drip

Water Drip, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I thought taking this shot would be complicated, mostly because when I looked at other set-ups on how it was done, I lacked equipment. Where there’s a will…is true. I used the poor woman’s set up and it worked fine.

Obviously, the camera is on a tripod in front of the sink. Artificial flash up front and natural light from the windows in the back.

I filled a gray brownie pan with water and set it in the sink. Then I removed the faucet sprayer and tied the hose around the faucet and positioned it so the drip would be in the middle of the pan.

Next I turned on the water and tried to get a steady drip, but I couldn’t get that right. We all know the faucet doesn’t drip until we are warmly snuggled in the bed, so I got in the bed.

Problem. I could not trigger the shutter from the bedroom, so I went back into the kitchen and turned the faucet on again. Bam!


6 thoughts on “Water Drip

  1. applause…applause…applause.

    You continue to amaze me!

    Like Andrei shared…beautiful capture, great effect…excellent photography!

    This looks like it could be a book cover photo for something pertaining to “Our actions cause a rippling effect.”

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