Urban Art

Urban Art, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Went to the Newark Museum today and while it was fun, the art I enjoyed the most was on the street and free.

Of course, photography was not allowed in all areas of the museum. The only area that allowed photography was the nature section but pictures of animals just makes it seem like we went to the zoo. But you can check them out at the link below. There’s about 5 or 6 photos.



8 thoughts on “Urban Art

  1. j05e says:

    art should be out for everyone to enjoy. i was back visiting my hometown this last summer and went to a few museums, but some of my favorite stuff were the murals out in the streets.

    • i agree. i enjoyed the artwork, sculptures, paintings on the wall, but there’s something about commissioned street art that makes me smile even more. i didn’t plan for this shot, but we were at a light, i saw and dot dot dot

  2. I agree with Meleah…

    This is WICKED COOL!

    The colors just POP! It almost looks like you had flood light shining on the wall.

    VERY neato, Val!

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