Crusted-Almond Tilapia

Crusted-Almond Tilapia, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


It’s food/dessert week. I don’t know anything about photographing food, but I guess I’ll learn or not.

This is my first time trying this recipe and my 2nd time frying food ever! I usually bake. This fish is delicious, but I doubt I will make again. The recipe calls for too much butter and I’m still trying to find my navel. I only fried two pieces (in butter) the rest will be baked.

After I’m done cooking, I don’t usually eat and if I do it’s very little. I guess I’m FOS =  full of satisfaction?

View recipe here


14 thoughts on “Crusted-Almond Tilapia

    • i’ll make you a delicious fish dinner that you will love, cardiogirl. it’s one of the few meats (is it meat) i will eat. if i think about what i’m eating and where it comes from, i can’t eat it. meat is gross, but i can eat it if we don’t talk too much about it.

      i do enjoy a whopper jr. from time to time.

      note to self: pick cg up a replacement box of fish sticks. i don’t remember where i read it, but it’s in the vault. hahahahahha.

  1. Talapia is that kind of fish that always looks more appetizing than it is. It doesn’t even make sense, because shouldn’t fried ANYTHING taste better? Harumph!

    • oh i need to cook for you too? don’t forget to pick up cg on your way over. no it’s actually quite tasty. i hate to admit, that this fish in butter (OMG) was great. it really was. i like fried fish as long as it’s not fried here. with hot and tarter sauce. yummy.

      used to go to this seafood restaurant by my job called nemos. the whiting fish there was so gooood. seasoned to perfection is what i’m told.

      you ever had fried oreos? yes the cookies! someone told me about it. i’m not doing that. i’ll dip them in chocolate and that’s it.

      • Yes, you need to cook for me. Let me know when and where and I’m there. I don’t even remember where you live. You should be careful. We all know I can drive by myself now and I’m not afraid!

        • yes you are quite the traveler. i’m in new jersey. i know you’re in pa somewhere. hmmm that would be cool to cook for a round table of bloggers. i would need to rent a restaurant.

  2. Tell me, is this photo a “scratch and sniff?”

    OMG…it looks sooooooooo delicious!

    I’m not a fish eater either, but I would be tempted to try this because you made it look so appetizing!


    • yes it is scratch and sniff. hahhahaha. i used to love those things in the sunday paper. sometimes, i still try.

      not a fish eater? you come on over too then. “i cook for you”. muah!

  3. I made almond tilapia once and yes, you are right, the recipe I tried also called for two much butter. I bought from Trader Joe’s frozen bread crusted tilapia and you bake it for about 30 minutes, very fresh tasting and best part, no frying.

    • I randomly picked a recipe and didn’t realize the amount of butter I would be using until it was too late. The fish was delicious, but I couldn’t sacrifice all of them to butter. Defeats the purpose of eating fish.

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