Gobble in a brown blanket


I love diner lingo. Give me two pigs and hold the sun block. I guess that could translate into crispy bacon?

Today’s lunch was shaved turkey, a pound a Hellman’s mayo, (I love mayo), lettuce, green peppers and a pickle. Oh cheddar Sun Chips on the side.

I try to bring my lunch to work, but truth be told, I can eat cheaper from any dollar menu. Two items and I’m good.

I suppose bringing food from home could be healthier if I remember to hold the mayo. I refuse fat free mayo, btw.

Diner lingo here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diner_lingo


16 thoughts on “Gobble in a brown blanket

  1. And yet, another DELISH shot!

    Cheddar Sun Chips on the side. Does life get any better than that?


    I’m with you…I eat nothing fat-free. Especially salad dressing – YUCK!


  2. Now that’s a tasty roll up. (Remember Jules from PF? He tried Brett’s Kahuna Burger and said, “Mmm-hmm. Now that’s a tasty burger.”)

    I absolutely love Sun Chips but I cannot be trusted. That’s why we never buy them. But they are a delicious treat.

  3. Even with the mayo, the wrap would have been healthy. The Sun Chips did you in. I started ordering wraps without mayo, though, to try and save 100 calories. If you have a wrap with tomato in it, it’s still pretty moist. But would I rather have the mayo? Of course.

    Nice shot, V!

    • your story on cg’s blog cracked me up. your hubby using all the mayo and then going out to buy you the biggest jar he could find and putting your name on it!!! hahahhaha. i love mayo, but wow. i don’t like tomatoes. i sometimes use mustard, but i really want the mayo. i ask for extra when i’m out.


      • I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about Dave’s mayo problem. I think I’m afraid he’ll be embarrassed. I let that comment slip out elsewhere because he’d never find it 🙂

        I’m not a big mustard fan and I hate it when nutritionists tell you to use that instead of mayo as though it’s any consolation prize. It ain’t.

        Happy Friday!

        • okay mums the word. slippage happens. i guess if you blogged about it, you could change his name to mr. dave, he wouldn’t recognize himself. 🙂

          i prefer mayo, but once in a while, i’ll give the old mustard a try. it’s no consolation prize though as you said.

  4. Mmm, Mmm, Good! I also have to have mayo! And I will not eat fat-free anything. It’s either full-on fat or forget it. My middle sister prefers miracle wimp, I mean, whip…lol. Anything fat free is like cutting the fat off of bacon! WTF!?! Thanks for the great pic! (((HUGS)))

    • amen, full fat! i don’t care, i will not substitute H-mayo for ff mayo. miracle whip isn’t mayo. it’s a miracle i didn’t whip somebody’s butt for not buying hellman’s. hahahahah. thanks for visiting collette.

  5. Yuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmy wrap! I’m with you. No ff or lite Mayo!!!!!!

    Thanks for the diner lingo link. I’m going to brush up on my diner lingo — and start tossing a few around.

    • diner lingo is so cool. i like trying to figure out what they are actually talking about.

      give me a dog and make him cry! = hot dog with onions.

      okay i just made that one up.

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