Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


It’s colder than cold outside. I had to go out today and as soon as I got back home my hot chocolate was waiting for me, dressed in whipped cream. Yum!

6 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate

    • oh no ma’am, there was hot chocolate in the mug. i was on my 2nd cup and the whipped cream was melting fast. i had peanut m&m’s on top, but they didn’t hold up long, so i ate them. some color would have been nice, but i ate all the red m&m’s. darn now what does m&m stand for? be back…

      • Total Jeopardy answer. I guessed Mars, but who the heck is Murrie. Whew, close one.

        M&Ms brand candy-coated chocolate candies were first sold in 1941. They were named for Forrest Mars, who developed them, and his business partner of the time, Bruce Murrie. Mars later bought Murrie out, gaining complete control over the candy, which may explain why we couldn’t find any mention of the latter at the official M&Ms website.

  1. LOVE this shot, Val!

    I love the whole black and white thing, but I also REALLY love the shadow that the mug cast below – VERY, VERY cool-looking.

    Hey…you ain’t kidding, it’s colder than cold today. We also got a great deal of snow.

    Stay warm and cozy with your hot chocolate, my friend!


    • Thanks Ron. It was yummy and if you can’t tell from the picture I love my whipped cream. Just like my coffee, more cream than coffee, almost.

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