Chess, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I enjoy the game even though I lose EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Maybe I don’t play to win.

EDITED: okay i stand, well i sit, corrected.  my first checkmate!  ooh, i wanna do it again.


20 thoughts on “Chess

  1. Football and chess. Two games I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever understand. I wouldn’t care about winning chess. I would just like to play a legitimate game sometime before I die. How long did it take you to learn it?

    • okay, i agree on the football, i will never ever understand that game. and it’s played in the cold. i don’t do cold, hate it.

      i first started playing 5+ years ago, not seriously. i downloaded a game with a tutorial for my pocket pc (it showed me how the pieces moved)to pass the time of day while waiting. something to do. it took me a while to learn how the pieces moved, but even then, i could only move in the moment. no strategy, couldn’t see moves ahead, bad on offense and defense.

      i’m a lot better now, i can see the entire board (sometimes), but i still get my butt spanked daily. i have a good game going right now that i started at the gym – one of the attorneys where i work helped me with some of my moves, i’m hoping for a checkmate, before i uh live to be 204.5 years old

      mental note to self: bring chessboard on our play date.

      and you’re not gonna die.

  2. Oh my goodness I am loving your photographs! I have started taking photographs in February and they are truly awful. Something about this just looks so pretty!

    • hey penny, nice to see your name. thanks. you know what’s funny about photography, there’s always someone doing it better. my photos are okay, some are good and others suck. i look at some photographs and think wow and then i look at mine and they look like mega crap.

      just keep shooting! uh are your photos on your blog, i wanna see. be back.

  3. I do enjoy a game of chess but I’m not very good. I like trying to figure out the next six moves til Sunday. I wish my kid was more patient; I think she’d enjoy it.

    And then there’s the issue of the missing pieces. That’s gonna make it even more difficult to play, you know?

    I bet you and I would have fun playing each other. Hey! When I’m 67 and you’re 63 let’s meet in the park on a spring day and spend the spend the afternoon trying to get a checkmate.

  4. Beautiful shot, Val!

    I love to watch the guys in the park play chess during the summer months. I sit there in amazemen, wathcing them THINK hard about their next move. The only game I’ve tried was Checkers. However, it’s been so long since I’ve played it, I wonder if I remember how to play it!?!?

    • i used to go with a friend of mine to watch her play and i hated how long the game took. i remember getting upset with her because of it too. it’s so much fun though.

    • live together in perfect harmony, (except for when they are trying to kill one another) side by side on my piano, keyboard, oh lord, why don’t weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

      hmm, i’m not even sure if the words are correct, but thanks for letting me belt out that verse.

  5. Hi Valerie

    Glad to hear you enjoy Chess. If you do get the urge to improve, most people agree that at low level it is 99% tactics. You can practice tactics at: for free

    Also, if you go to {edit} there is a free download of a computer chess engine that has different “personalities” and difficulty settings.

    Both of these would improve your game loads in quite a short time. You could totally shock your next opponent! 🙂

    Best wishes


    • thanks dave. i edited out the first link, i was scared to click on it. it looked foreign to me. sorry, but i did check out the other one.

      i’m on for now, just signed up this week. it looks like a cool site to learn the game better.

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