WTH, V, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Sorry you have to look at this, but I’m breaking my macro streak just for today.

I took this just before I left out of the house this evening and I’m just getting back now.

Of course the lighting is way off, but I’m cool with it. My bed is calling. Good night.

8 thoughts on “WTH, V

    • swagger. i have no swagger. what had happened was the darn camera was on face recognition but it couldn’t find my face and i’m like don’t start with me, so i had to bend down. i guess i was talking to the camera, but i’m so tired i can’t give anybody a piece of me. well almost.

      tomorrow i’m going to sleep, rest and read.

    • hey frances. laughing is good. i have a hard time with self-portraits. it’s a weird experience but a great documentary. i’ll be doing some more this month.

    • thanks. i don’t. but time was not on my side. fortunately i can jump in front of the camera when time is of the essence and still meet my project obligation. some photos just don’t happen, i’m the back up. heheheheh

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