Wet CD

Wet CD, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Nothing much going on here. Sprayed some water on a CD and shot it.

10 thoughts on “Wet CD

  1. Oh man…this shot is just waaaaaaaay too cool-looking!

    How the heck did you even think to do that, Val?

    At first I thought it was space ship.

    LOVE the effect of the water drops!

    • there is nothing new under the sun, ron. this has been done before. i copied.

      yesterday’s shot was a struggle. i wasn’t sure which one to use. didn’t like any of them really, so i picked this one.

      thanks ;)!

    • yes my mind quits all the time. it betrays me. it wanders when it shouldn’t. it sleeps on the job. when i ask it to bark, it does not. this photo has been done before by someone, i tried my best to copy. 🙂

      you too frances.

  2. Tiiiiiiny bubbles! I love this shot. It’s both arty AND fun!

    I could have given you a similar shot this morning, called “Wet Shoe.” While putting something in the fridge I bumped a quart of yogurt off a shelf, it burst open on the way down and about a half cup of it landed on my sandal. My suede sandal. *sigh*

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