Persistence, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I never learned to apply make-up, so I don’t wear it, unless it’s for a very special occasion. And even then it’s only lipstick.

And this is not the first time I’ve been asked to get help.


10 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. That look is priceless. And I’m in the same exact boat. The only make up I own is lipstick. And I wear it on and off. My lips are pretty pale so I feel like I look dead without some sort of lipstick. But most of the time I could give a rat’s ass about looking dead, so I don’t wear it.

    I do wear it to church, though.

  2. Thanks for starting off my mornings — the right way — with laughter.

    I enjoyed this poster as well as your alternate.

    I’m on the flip side of the coin — I have to wear makeup — so that my friends recognize me — and I don’t frighten the children!

    • cool, that’s one way to start the day, with a laugh. i probably could use make-up, i don’t have the greatest skin, but i can’t barely get out of the house now on time. it’s one less thing to do i guess. i also don’t have an interest i guess.

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