Karma, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I’m not making this up. There was a lady at the ATM with a full mustache. Maybe the medication she was on made her grow hair on her upper lip – that’s fine – but why not shave it before going out.

I usually trim my goatee at my desk with a pair of scissors.



15 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Neema Shaw says:

    Hahahahahahah IVE SEEN QUITE A FEW SHE/HES MYSELF … POOR DEARS JUST NEED SOMEONE TO BUY THEM A MIRROR . or maybe they are just too comfortable in who they are and dont give a rats arse about societys views ….. go you good hairy things … xxx

    • hahahaha. i’m just saying, i would think a woman would want to shave her mustache. i too don’t care much about what society says i should be doing or what i should have, but come on, a mustache? i would be very uncomfortable looking at myself, never mind strangers.

      thanks for visiting. :>

  2. Another great motivational poster!

    I think you should put your posters together in a calendar and hand them out as birthday and Christmas presents!

    They’re fun — and I’ve enjoyed every one of them!

  3. Neema Shaw says:

    one think im panicing over when in a nursing home …. will they still shave my legs and pluck my eye brows .. oh and by then chin hairs too lmao

    • you already know you’re going to be in a nursing home? lol. eeek, i couldn’t imagine shaving anyone’s anything. urp.

      i wonder if i have time to get my eyebrows done today. i just hate paying someone to do it. it seems so easy, but what if i mess up.

  4. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha!

    YOU. ARE. A. RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my grandmothers had a hairy upper lip and a green face.

    And what’s funny, is that her personality matched it.

    I use to call her the Wicked Witch of the West!



    • dang, another missed comment. buh.

      hahahahah, yeah all the pictures of me are crazy. i can only do a few a month or that other person will come out and take over! she’s the one with the beard, i bet. punk!

      hairy upper lip? yikes. it should be a rule: any woman pushing out facial hair should be made to pass out chocolate and say welcome to wal-mart. guess that will be my job in a few years.

  5. That is a perfect example of karma! I love this.

    You *know* what that woman needs, right? Yes ma’am, she needs a Tweeze. I’m hoping by the time I’m 70 all of those strays that showed themselves in the light of day have died a horrible death at the hands of my Tweeze.

    Same goes for my legs. And, on that front, I’m winning the battle! The hair is actually light and soft. I’m slowly killing those hair follicles and it’s only been three years.

    • dang, i didn’t respond to this? my bad. you kill me with that Tweeze of yours. if i was a hair on your body, I’d be afraid to come out of my follicle.

      really, i hate to pay that much attention to someone and criticize, but seriously, a woman with a mustache? come on now! and she turned in my direction, so how could i not see.

      yes you are winning your battle. you could be a spokesperson for converse and tweeze, ya know? then you could show that lady how to trim her mustache or at least look good in her tennis shoes while sportin’ it.

  6. Neema Shaw says:

    call me nieve .. go on but i assumed when you got old …really old … all your body hairs fell out … i see so many eldery with eyeliner eyebrows and there arms are just full of age spots and not hair …. i was hoping it all went off even your um pubic region ….. but a friend who works in a nursing home told me … NOPE SWEETHEART there all as hairy as ….. DOAH … im destined to pluck this chin hair for life then …….

    • you are funny neema. okay where’s your blog. i think that’s true. a friend of mine (i only hang out with the elderly – hahaha) asked me to look at her eyebrows one day. she had penciled them back in and i couldn’t help but laugh my butt off. she said that the older we get the more hair we lose…and maybe it starts with the eyebrows. i don’t know if i will pencil mine back in. that looks crazy.

  7. you have a point. i always want to be a baby or a kid. i want to be taken care of and not have to lift a finger. have someone lay out my clothes, doing the cooking, drive me here or there, but with my adult mind.

  8. Neema Shaw says:

    i was thinking hmm maybe if i do loose all my eye brows ill consider getting tattoo ones put on .. if my,, by then 2 layers of skin left will hold in the ink for long …..but ill make them thickish not penicl thin that just looks bloody stupid … if ya gonna have eye brows you might as well have them seen ….

    oh and i have noticed in all seriousness my grandma in anursing home now aged 95 .. is the th whingiest creature on the planet … she throws tantrums like a child … wont 5 bananas brought in each week … cant have 6 noooooooo one will be brown by the time she gets to eat it … sulky little 4ft women … gone back to her childhood again …

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