Staircase, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Stopped by my mom’s house this afternoon and did a mini hike up to the attic. I love the almost square design of the stairs and it’s fun to look down, even if it does make me dizzy.


8 thoughts on “Staircase

  1. Ugh, I’m afraid of heights and that photo feels like it sucks me in (leans back to feel grounded by the solid wood backing of her chair.)

    How many stories is that house? It looks like more than three. And I have to know, as a kid did you run up there and play in the attic?

    • I know, I had to hold on myself because I kept swaying. I’m not afraid of heights much but this made me dizzy.

      Yes I played in the attic (with fire and candles). I also made treats in my easy bake oven.

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