Candy Jar

Candy Jar, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I was hoping, even though I’m winging it, to do an outside shot, but the weather was horrible.

I went to the post office today to mail two packages. I’m selling my soul on ebay to save up for one more camera lens I want to purchase.

Then I went to CVS and bought cookies, with nuts, all of which I ate until I became sick and I also bought a bag of whatever these things are called for 25 cents. Two weeks ago, the same bag had to be about two dollars.

Twenty five cents!

Sometimes, a sale is so good, I save the receipt. I like to relive the experience.


12 thoughts on “Candy Jar

  1. I really like this pic. It’s simple & just after valentine’s so it’s meaningful.
    I went to CVS myself today & bought the CVS party mix for $1.00. That’s a great sale price so I got 2…LOL

  2. So pretty! I love buying up all the candy loot after a holiday. Nothing like a 90% discount, I always say.

    I love the colors in this shot. Reminds me of spring, which I’m told we’ll actually see some day. We’re supposed to get dumped on again tomorrow by a storm coming through.

    • thanks kathy. yes i love the chocolate candy though. stores know better than to deep discount chocolate. there will be women getting off buses and standing in lines to buy it.

      i know, the snow is coming. grrrrr. why do we have winter again?

  3. I do love a good after-the-holiday-dump-the-supply sale. And I’d save the receipt as well, to relive the thrill.

    I will say, I hate the taste of those candy hearts. They’re just like Neccos and I hate Neccos. I like the sweet tart brand of hearts, but they don’t compare to the look of these traditional hearts.

    Well done.

    • hey cg. i normally don’t bother with the ATHDTSS (look up top), but i did go into the store to get cookies and these whatchamacallits. not a huge fan of them really, but they are cute and i would prefer to put my own messages on them.

  4. Great shot, Val!

    Love how you got the “I love you” centered. And even though this Valentined themed I couldn’t help but think the colors of Easter!

    I hate to say this, but I love these candies and can eat them until I explode. SUGAR!!!!

    Don’t you just love when you hit a sale?


    • thanks ron. i like hiding messages in my photos whenever i can… of course this is front and center. 143!

      i prefer chocolate and the darn cookies were not on sale.


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