Expired Fruit

Expired Fruit, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


When fruit goes bad, shoot it!

Jamar, I was thinking of you when I was arranging the fruit. Not. A. Clue. Suggestions?

We don’t eat fruit here, but chocolate, cookies and junk food. Someone must have left this stuff behind.

EDIT:  This painting was done by Cardiogirl’s own, Allison.  It’s a painting of the above photo.  She drew it with pencil first and then used watercolors to paint it.  Thank you Allison for sharing this.  It’s beautiful and it makes me smile!  Nice work.

9 thoughts on “Expired Fruit

  1. Very sad state of affairs over here. I saw the bananas and thought — perfect for banana bread! Then I thought the apple could be eaten after creatively cutting out the bruises and the oranges looked passable.

    And then I saw that you labeled all of the expired.

    • sad, not really. actually, i admire that about you. i love that you squeeze the life and usage out of stuff without wasting a drop. i enjoy a thrifty mind and that you want to die squeezing a penny with the year of your birth. or something like that. you are so funny! a wise woman once said, nah it was me, anybody can pay full price, but it takes a skilled person to work a coupon.

      i might be able to save the bananas and the oranges, but i can’t do jack with that apple, jack! i hate to waste, makes me cringe, but i do it.

  2. My kid, Allison, wants me to print this picture so she can use it to make a painting. She did whisper, “I’m going to make my bananas yellow, though.”

    I’ll have to scan her finished product and then scan yours to see the comparison.

    • tell allison thanks for making me laugh when i read this: “I’m going to make my bananas yellow, though.”

      too funny. i would LOVE to see her painting when she’s done. i’ll post her artwork below this one.

  3. Cardiogirl: Allison is very excited to see her painting on a brilliant photography website. She is so thrilled that she has a big smile on her face and is almost speechless.

    Allison: Thank you for the compliment. My mom is going to put the other one I painted on her website.

    Thanks V! What a fun way to start our Tuesday morning.

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