E is for Elevator

E is for Elevator, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


E was a difficult one today. I didn’t want to do egg, I thought about exit and decided to go with elevator.

I took this after I returned from a quick walk at lunchtime. This is the building where I work. Three floors, but I always take the stairs.

I wish I had a fish eye lens for an inside the elevator shot. That would have been sooo cool.


7 thoughts on “E is for Elevator

  1. What a COOL-LOOKING shot, Val!

    And what a gorgeous building you work in!

    It’s funny that you used elevator for E today, because the electricity went out in my apartment building for 8 hours today, so I had to use the stairs four times to climb 21 floors.

    Ask me if my knees are killing me.



    • wow ron, that’s crazy. 21 floors. i might be able to do that once, maybe twice, just to say i’m not physically weak and then i’d call 911. i might be naked by the time i get to the 21st floor though. did you sweat?

  2. That is a nice looking building you have there. The wood paneling screams lawyer to me, however I just finished reading a book about a lawyer (The Lincoln Lawyer, a good read if you get the chance) so perhaps I’m biased.

    • Valerie says:

      i started reading the lincoln lawyer a while ago, but it was so boring, i had to burn the book. oh you liked it. i couldn’t get into it.

      • Really? I thought it had a pretty good pace. How far did you get? Did you learn about the tracking bracelet the dude Roo-lay had to wear and how he got around it to commit another murder?

        I didn’t see that twist coming.

    • Valerie says:

      the elevators never work though. they always get stuck. if i get stuck in one again, i wil have stuff with me to read with me or my itouch, i would sit on the floor and chill out.

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