G is for Guitar

G is for Guitar, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


My favorite instrument, of course. I love the sound of the spanish guitar as well. Love this song by Toni B.


Wow that was my first time viewing that video. Buh.


6 thoughts on “G is for Guitar

  1. Guitars keep coming up all around me, even while my own sits, collecting dust. A hint from the cosmos, perhaps?
    Love the focal point on this one. Nice shot!

    • Valerie says:

      okay here’s your sign to get back to playing. look who’s talking, i think had a few months of lessons under my belt. i was doing well and poof.

  2. Great video, Val! I LOVE Toni Braxton!! What a sexy song!

    Hey, do you remember “Unbreak My Heart?”

    Nice shot. There’s such a beautiful warmth to it.


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