I is for Ice Cream

I is for Ice Cream, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I is for ice cream or it could be for I scream. I was going with a photo of my iPod Touch today because I do love that little gadget, but someone changed my mind. Yesterday, I was playing a game on my iTouch while walking on the treadmill and I was so into it that I didn’t realize I ran out of treadmill and….I. Fell. Off. I landed on my feet though (and I won my game). Only one person saw me stumble. He didn’t even ask if I was okay, I know he heard me scream.

I’m more of a hot fudge woman, but this is all we had.


8 thoughts on “I is for Ice Cream

  1. I felt a jump in my heart when I read that you fell off the treadmill. Ouch. At least the person who saw let it slide like nothing really happened.

    What sort of red topping is that? The photo reminds me of the dry eye in that Visine commercial when Ben Stein is on the beach wearing that funky hat from the Foreign Legion and he pulls the cord to activate a shower and then “it gets the red out.”

    You know what I mean?

    I need chocolate all the way on ice cream.

    • if it weren’t for my super fast reflexes, i probably would have hurt myself. fortunately, i grabbed on to the bar. and i fell off to the side, going backward, i would have hit the wall.

      strawberry syrup.

      um, i miss a lot of commercials.

  2. Ok, you’re going to think this is a bit strange, but…

    I LOVE ice cream, but only crave it in the WINTER. I’ve been know to walk down the street in 30 degree weather, munching on Haagen-Dazs.

    Aren’t I sick?

    GREAT shot, Val! Love the red against the white.

    Hey, and I’m glad to hear you won your game and landed on your feet!

    • not strange at all, well okay maybe just a little, especially if it’s cold outside. i don’t do ice cream in the winter, unless it’s dessert at a dinner party.

      yes i won my game. pumps fist.

    • me too. what’s your favorite. mine is coffee and cookies and cream. always with nuts dahling.

      ’tis okay. i certainly did get off that treadmill though a minute later. i didn’t feel myself drifting.

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