J is for Junior Mints

J is for Junior Mints, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Since the weather was somewhat decent today, I decided to exercise outside and I went for a walk. Picked up my favorite boxed candy. Not sure if the two really go together, candy and exercise.


16 thoughts on “J is for Junior Mints

    • i’ve been playing with artificial light – in this case continuous lighting – to get brighter looking shots that need no additional editing. it was necessary to add some light to this photo. i have a pair of strobes, but the voltage from my power pack may be too strong for the hot shoe, so unless i get a safe sync adapter, i can’t use them. i do see where the additional light is needed though.

      so this is not completely straight out of camera, it was shot in RAW format and i did adjust two levels in the editor.

      will keep trying.

      • I don’t have any fancy equipment thus far, although I am making a list. I’ve gone the ultracheap route with a desk lamp. I really need better equipment. 🙂

        Nevertheless, the way you’ve edited it, I can’t tell where additional light may have been needed. 🙂

        • by any chance are you near new jersey. chances are i will not keep the strobe lighting. i bought them well over 12 years ago and i’m sure i don’t want to be bothered with light meters, etc. the CL lets me see my results right away. one bright CFL, umbrella, stand and a reflector is more than enough. right now i’m at 85w x 2, but even that’s not enough. can’t afford to get a higher wattage bulb right now, which is why *i* have to increase the light myself. or i could have used a faster lens and bumped up my exposure compensation. i need to go play with some things.

          edit: um i checked your blog and you are no where near new jersey or even in the US.

  1. “Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint — it’s *delicious*!”

    Can you tell me what kind of operation Jerry and Kramer were watching when the Junior Mint fell into the patient’s open cavity?

    Because I knew the answer I won a Vandelay Industries bumper sticker on the Real Life Kramer Reality Tour in NYC on vacation.

    Candy and exercise go hand in hand, by the way.

    • rings in: well yes i can tell you but only because i did a search on that episode yesterday. i was this close ( . ) to adding a link as a reference. so prior to yesterday, i had know-eye-dear.

      how fast did you raise your hand when that question was asked and were you the only one with a raised hand?

    • Cool beans. I hope you put the nail in the coffin by offering that loser a junior mint. Hahahaha. Well done grasshopper. Okay I’m done being competitive, for the day.

  2. Ok, these last two posts have my mouth watering for chocolate!

    OMG…is there anything better than the taste of chocolate and peppermint in harmony?


    Gee, Val…I think if you and were ever roomates, we would be spending all our money on stocking up the kitchen cabinets with nothing but SWEETS!

    How do you feel about Twizzlers?


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