M is for Meatballs

M is for Meatballs, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I hand rolled some meatballs for tonight’s dinner. The only thing missing was wine. I’m not a huge fan of wine, it just seems to go with this meal. The meatballs are spicy, but not spicy enough for me, but they do have a nice kick to them.



8 thoughts on “M is for Meatballs

  1. Hey, do you cook with wine? If so, does it really make that much of a difference? I never have wine in the house and I don’t really “cook” so it seems like a waste of money to me.


    • Yes, I have cooked with wine, once. I’m more likely to drink it though, hiccup. When I did cook with wine, I made Salisbury Chicken, it was delicious added a nice flavor to the meal. Will try it again.

  2. Ok, being Italian I just want you to know how MUCH this photo means to me.

    I tried scratching and sniffing my monitor over the meatballs, just see if I could smell and taste them.

    I couldn’t.


    GREAT shot Val!

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