N is for Nuts

N is for Nuts, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I love nuts, maybe because sometimes I feel like one and sometimes I don’t.

About this photo: I read about a technique called freelensing. That’s when the lens is detached from the camera and the picture is taken. Manual focusing is used until the desired result is achieved. This is my first attempt.

I used my 50/f.2 macro lens, set the camera on macro, why I don’t know since I did the focusing and the lens was not attached, one light and a flash.

6 thoughts on “N is for Nuts

  1. What…are you following me around or something? I also have a container of almonds to snack on from time to time. Let me guess…tomorrow’s chicken nuggets. *L*
    Great shot, though. Nice depth of focus & great detail!

  2. I know nothing about photographing, but whatever you did for this shot it looks wonderful!

    I feel like I could reach out and grab one!

    I too enjoy nuts. Cashews are probably my favs, but almonds are also up there. Right now, I have a bag of almond slices which I like to throw in my cereal and yogurt.


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