O is for Olympus

O is for Olympus, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

O is for Olympus and because I’m not very good at Origami.

I’ve always been a Canon fan, so when I decided to jump back into photography, I bought a G10 and didn’t want a dSLR.

That changed over time and I decided on the Olympus. One because the price (bought it used) was right and I had an Olympus P&S that was a back up to my 35mm Canons that produced great photos.

In the beginning learning this camera was frustrating, but things are improving.

It’s not one of the more popular dSLR cameras like Canon or Nikon, but it has served me well.

There’s not a huge lens selection for this camera either, but for me that’s probably a protection. I have one more lens that goes with this set up (not shown) and not many complaints. I am looking at the E3 though, but right now, the well is dry.


9 thoughts on “O is for Olympus

  1. Cool-looking shot, Val!

    Love how the light reflects off the black. Honestly, this shot looks so good it could be used as an advertisement.

    I also own an Olympus camera. Not as professional as this one, but it takes some really great pictures.

    • thanks ron. i wonder if olympus would like to buy it. heheheeh. that’s the look i’m going for.

      i like their cameras. my stylus always produced sharp photos and the camera was small for a 35.

  2. Did you shoot that photo on a white background or did you use photoshop to create that background? I can never tell. It just seems so crisp — there are no shadows.

    • yes, white background, well more like a mat board, not photoshopped. i gave it a little more light in my RAW editor and the no shadows are from the position of the lights.

  3. I have a Olympus DSLR and love it. I went back and forth between getting a Nikon or Canon and then found Olympus and am really glad I did. I am still stumbling my way around it but it is one of the best purchases I have made.

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