P is for Pine Cone

P is for Pine Cone, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I had a few things in mind for today’s letter, but something suddenly came up, so I went with this pine cone I picked up at the park. Pulling it straight out of camera, I like it because it’s dreamy looking or either I’m sleepy.


10 thoughts on “P is for Pine Cone

  1. First I have to tell you how proud I am that I caught the fact that I was logged in as my kid’s preteen magazine. Booyah to me.

    Now to you. I love extreme close ups like this where the center is in focus and the rest is not, but that brings up an interesting question. Can you do this same shot with the entire thing in focus?

    • when i opened outlook this morning and my mail filtered into my inbox and i saw your name twice, preteen mag did cross my mind.

      yes, this shot was also done with everything in focus, but it looked horrible to me. i thought it would look better with a shallow depth of field.

  2. I’m so sorry to be the only one, apparently, who thinks this looks like poo. I mean, literally poo, not that it looks like sh*t. It’s a lovely photo and very nicely composed. It’s just that to me, the pine cone itself looks like poo. But poo can be art, too, right?

    Let’s see you photograph THAT!

    • well I’m so sorry to be the only one, apparently, who thinks this looks like a flaccid penis. i’m sorry, it just does.

      you want me to photograph poo? okay, but whose poo?

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