Q is for Quarter

Q is for Quarter, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Well I thought about quilt, but I don’t have one, by the time I do get one tonight, I’ll be in the bed, I hope. This is my lame attempt at spinning a quarter on the kitchen table and then trying to take a picture it. Not very exciting.


8 thoughts on “Q is for Quarter

  1. That’s awesome — catching the quarter standing on end! The American judges give that a 9.4.

    Whoa, just remembered a dream I had last night in which I was packing a suitcase for me and Allison to go visit Poland. And I was trying to quickly learn some Polish phrases from some guy standing next to a pool before we left.

    I think writing American judges spawned that memory. Just keep your hands inside the cart at all times and no one will get hurt inside my mind.

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