R is for Rubies

R is for Rubies, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

Whoa, what time is it? R was not much fun and time passed me by.

This is my late grandmother’s ring. I’m not very sentimental nor am I big on jewelry, unless it’s costume jewelry, but have held on to this in her memory. It’s also my birthstone. And hers, and my brother’s and my mother’s and mr’s. July Rocks!

RR, I didn’t eat the chocolate bunny, we’ll eat it tomorrow. Oh wait, you won’t be in. Um, I’ll let you know how it was. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “R is for Rubies

  1. I’m the same way, I’ve never been into jewelry, except costume.

    (I mean, not that I wear it or anything)

    Ok, I lied…I did wear costume jewelry when I went dressed as Norma Desmond from the movie Sunset Blvd., one Halloween. I looked faaaabulous!

    You’re right, it’s the “memory” attached to a piece of jewelry that gives it it’s value.

    Beautiful ring, Val!

    • i like things around my neck, not much of a ring person, i like bands, but nothing raised. i know i’m not a real girl. it sits in a box, this ring.

      we don’t pass too much down in my family, maybe a cold.

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