V is for Valerie

V is for Valerie, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


This was probably the easiest letter in the alphabet to do. There’s not much going on here, I’m actually sitting down watching Jeopardy and pressing my remote button to fire the camera. I guess I looked at the camera on this out of focused shot. This is where I can be found most of the time, in front of the computer. Buh.


10 thoughts on “V is for Valerie

  1. I love that look on your face.

    “Alex, everyone knows the spiracles of a grasshopper are the breathing pores located on the abdomen. That’s not worth $800. I’ll stop watching if the questions aren’t going to be difficult.”

    • hmmm, thanks for that tidbit, i didn’t know. if i had to write that question down in final jeopardy, i would punctuate it with says, cardiogirl, jack!

  2. I love the A-Z idea! See, I need your brain to do a photo project because mine just went psssssttttttt (all the air went out)!!!!!

    You look like so professional, I’m thinking music executive, banker — you get my drift!

    You continue to inspiore me!

  3. YAAAAAAY V for Val!

    I too like the look on your face. VVVVVery intent on Jeopardy.

    I also like how you achieved that soft focus on you, against the sharper background.

    VVVVVVery cool!


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