Dissed, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I made plans to walk to the post office with a coworker, for a little exercise, and she stood me up. I ended up driving to the post office, Burger King and Whole Foods. WF makes an excellent carrot cake. See it there, it’s all gone. I ate the rest of my lunch outside today.


6 thoughts on “Dissed

    • hahaha, you are correct. i prefer to walk alone, but we made plans and dare i say i was looking forward to company? next time. she said she would carry the weight i gained from eating instead of walking. we’ll see.

      Your coworker is dead to me. – hahah

  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHA….I LOVED Kathy’s comment!

    Hey Val, don’t ya just love the bakery section of Whole Foods? I have one by me and sometimes I’ll go in and get the salad bar and then something sweet from the bakery.

    *and it only cost me $35.00.



    • V says:

      yeah her comment made me laugh too. i like it.

      you know what i really love about whole foods? it’s so freaking neat! it’s beautiful in that store. i can’t afford to shop there now. i just get my carrot cake at lunch time and keep it moving. but wow, i walk slow when i’m in that store, just so i can behold the organization. i want to take a picture of it. i once saw a man in there lining up the cereal boxes. you know i stopped to watch. humph! ahhhhh.

      now what were you saying. 35.00. i believe you. don’t go in that store without a loan application from your bank. k?

    • V says:

      well it happens, i know. her job comes first, whereas with me, i’m a flat leaver. exercise comes first. and carrot cake.

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