On Your Mark

On Your Mark, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I haven’t made time to exercise lately, once a week, maybe, if I’m fortunate and it shows. However, this evening, I may found a new weight management program, it’s called: photograph your butt and be stunned. And I am.

It’s one thing to be told, in a non-complaining way, that the old can has spread, but there’s nothing like seeing a picture of it. WTH.

6 thoughts on “On Your Mark

  1. I know pictures don’t lie, that’s why I’m deathly afraid of seeing my butt in print. No thank you.

    But it would be a heck of a motivator, wouldn’t it?

    • V says:

      a motivator, indeed. if it didn’t scare me to death, i’d put the photo on the fridge. well maybe my emotional eating months are over. buh…i’m mean butt.

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